reflections of the i (w/ of entity and mind)

the end
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Finally, the new album bythis amazing band from Norway. The US version also includes the complete MCD "Of Entity And Mind" as a bonus! Winds features: Lars Eric Si - Vocals (Jack In A Box, Sensa Anima, Khold),who won a Norwegian Grammy Award in 2000 for his amazing vocal talents; Carl August Tidemann - Guitars (Arcturus, Tritonus), an exceptional guitar player with influences from rock/metal, classical and jazz; Jan Axel von Blomberg - Drums (Mayhem, Arcturus, Kovenant), also known as Hellhammer, he has also won 2 Norwegian Grammy Awards; Andy Winter- Keys, a virtuoso in classical music, main songwriter and the person that gets the main credit for WINDS's crystal clear sound. The new album utilizes a full string section (courtesy of members from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra) and creates a seamless and most inspiring mix of classically oriented metal fronted with clean vocals, dark progressive guitars, philharmonics, classical piano and floating synths. The intricate arrangements, all written so they flow with the concept in mind, deliver spirals of dazzling melodies filled with magnificent atmospheres, offering a sublime elegance that makes their music a truly superb sonic journey! A top-notch production by Top-Room Studio and a truly breathtaking layout design by the ever-talented Travis Smith make this one of the overall strongest albums the scene has to offer!

Winds - Reflections Of The I (W/ Of Entity And Mind)