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5/2/2014 GIGAN Appleton, Wi The Bottom End
5/3/2014 GIGAN Madison, Wi The Wisco
5/4/2014 GIGAN Eau Claire, Wi The House of Rock
5/5/2014 GIGAN Chicago, Il The Cobra Lounge
5/6/2014 GIGAN Fort Wayne, In The Brass Rail
5/7/2014 GIGAN Louisville, Ky The Haymarket
5/9/2014 GIGAN Orlando, Fl The Haven
5/10/2014 GIGAN Tampa, Fl The Brass Mug
5/11/2014 GIGAN Jacksonville, Fl Atticus Bar
5/14/2014 GIGAN Houston, Tx White Swan
5/15/2014 GIGAN Dallas, Tx Reno's
5/15/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Cudahy, Wi The Metal Grill
5/16/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Cherry Valley, Il Take 20
5/16/2014 GIGAN Austin, Tx Beerland
5/17/2014 GIGAN San Antonio, Tx Zombie's
5/17/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Wyandote, Mi The Rockery
5/18/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Toronto, On Hard Luck
5/18/2014 GIGAN Roswell, Nm The Weather Balloon
5/19/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Montreal, Quebec CafeChaos
5/20/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Buffalo, Ny Broadway Joes
5/20/2014 GIGAN Tucson, Az The District
5/21/2014 GIGAN Tempe, Az Tempe Tavern
5/21/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE York, Pa The Depot
5/22/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Pittsburgh, Pa 31st St. Pub
5/22/2014 GIGAN San Diego, Ca The Bancroft
5/23/2014 GIGAN Los Angeles, Ca The Handbag Factory
5/23/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Newport, Ky Thompson House
5/24/2014 LECHEROUS NOCTURNE Saint Louis, Mo The Mad Magician
5/24/2014 GIGAN Santa Ana, Ca Malone's
5/25/2014 GIGAN Las Vegas, Nv Cheyenne Saloon
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