4/1/2015 VALE OF PNATH Baltimore, Md Club Orpheus Vital Remains
4/2/2015 VALE OF PNATH Fayetteville, Nc Drunk Horse Vital Remains
4/3/2015 VALE OF PNATH Columbia, Sc New Brooklyn Tavern Vital Remains
4/3/2015 PHOBIA Anaheim, Ca TBA Extreme Noise Terror
4/4/2015 PHOBIA Tempe, Az TBA Extreme Noise Terror
4/4/2015 VALE OF PNATH Orlando, Fl Haven Vital Remains
4/5/2015 VALE OF PNATH Tampa, Fl The Orpheum Vital Remains
4/5/2015 PHOBIA Albuquerque, Nm TBA Extreme Noise Terror
4/6/2015 PHOBIA Dallas, Tx TBA Extreme Noise Terror
4/6/2015 VALE OF PNATH Jacksonville, Fl Freebird Live Vital Remains
4/7/2015 PHOBIA Houston, Tx TBA Extreme Noise Terror
4/8/2015 VALE OF PNATH New Orleans, La Siberia Vital Remains
4/9/2015 VALE OF PNATH Houston, Tx Walters Vital Remains
4/10/2015 VALE OF PNATH Midland, Tx The Blue Max Vital Remains
4/11/2015 VALE OF PNATH Austin, Tx TX Independence Fest
4/12/2015 VALE OF PNATH Dallas, Tx The Rail Club Vital Remains
4/13/2015 VALE OF PNATH Kansas City, Mo The Riot Room Vital Remains
4/14/2015 VALE OF PNATH Kokomo, In Centerstage Vital Remains
4/16/2015 VALE OF PNATH Lakewood, Oh The Foundry Vital Remains
4/17/2015 VALE OF PNATH Brooklyn, Ny Lucky 13 Vital Remains