New Ingurgitating Oblivion Coming In 2016
[Tuesday, June 30, 2015]

We are excited to announce that we will be putting out the next Ingurgitating Oblivion album sometime in 2016! The following message comes directly from the band: In 2016, Ingurgitating Oblivion are going to reveal their third observation, which is glad tiding. Florian is the sole remaining...

June Update
[Thursday, June 04, 2015]

Hey folks! Here's a quick update on some things we have coming down the line. We are currently taking preorders for the vinyl versions of Wormed's "Exodromos" and Impaled's "The Dead Still Dead Remain". Both have gatefold packaging and a few color options. These will look sharp! Head over to...

Sarpanitum Release Coming Soon + Preorder Items
[Thursday, November 20, 2014]

Our first release for 2015 is set! On February 17th, SARPANITUM's "Blessed Be My Brothers" will be released on CD and digital. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, Sarpanitum's blend of brutal blackened death metal is sure to please fans of Gorguts, Morbig Angel, Immolation, and Nile. DESECRAVITY...

Defeated Sanity "Passages Into Deformity" Colored Vinyl Available Now
[Tuesday, July 08, 2014]

The Defeated Sanity "Passages Into Deformity" colored LP's are in and they look amazing! Comes in green or mixed. The mixed is random; we have no way of telling what color you will get. Order today!

Summer 2014 Taking Shape
[Thursday, May 29, 2014]

New releases from Ingurgitating Oblivion and Phobia, plus Defeated Sanity "Passages Into Deformity" colored vinyl are coming soon! Keep checking back for updates!

Nausea's "Condemned To The System" Available Now
[Monday, January 13, 2014]

Finally!  It's been over 20 years since their last album and L.A.'s NAUSEA are back with a full-length of no frills grindcore madness!  Available now in our webstore! "There's no post-anything here,...

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