grab bag

Vinyl grab bag $30.00


Ok, fans of the grab bags we have offered keep asking for us to offer vinyl - well here it is. In this grab bag you are guaranteed to receive at least 3 vinyl 12" LPs with full packaging and 5 loose brand new CDs (these are loose cd's only with no artwork or cases included). Of course you may also get buttons, stickers, who knows what else included as well but nothing more is guaranteed other than 3 vinyl LPs and 5 loose CDs that may come from the distro or Willowtip releases stock. Do not expect to get brand new releases but older releases from the Willowtip catalog or distro items that are overstocked. This is a way for us to clear out some inventory and to get fans some good records at a cheap price. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE ALL YOUR VINYL IN PERFECT MINT CONDITION There is nothing wrong with this vinyl but some items have been in stock for many many years and may have normal wear. There could be a nicked corner, there could be a slight split in the cover but that would be very rare. There could be limited edition items that have slight corner or cover damage that we have no replacements for thus can't sell new. The majority of the vinyl should be perfect, but we are not accepting returns for a nicked corner or condition issues for these grab bags. ALL SALES ARE FINAL there are no returns for this item

Willowtip 3 Vinyl Lps + 5 Loose Cds - Grab Bag