worlds torn asunder

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In music, there are leaders and there are followers. For every blistering riff there is an imitator, for each impassioned bellow, a sound-alike. It is the challenge of the modern musician to take the infinte set of notes upon which all music is built, and make it their own.WARBRINGER did not invent their own vein of Metal. They were proceded by greats like Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Anthrax and the mighty Metallica - but over the course of their previous two albums, they have managed to construct songs that are equal parts ferocity and finesse, and in doing so, created a sound that is distinctly their own. With the release of World Torn Asunder, WARBRINGER are poised to take their rightful place at the table alongside the big boys. (2011)

Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder