in a flesh aquarium

the end
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Unexpect's wild musical adventures are fuelled by a mish-mash of creative styles - black, death, progressive and classical metal. The band's delivery is an awe-inspiring adrenaline rush in vein of Mr. Bungle, The Jesus Lizard and if Cirque du Soleil went black metal.

"This is a jaw dropping debut. I just really need to see if they can produce some of this caliber but make it unique the next time. I don't Know were The End finds these band but they know have their Devil Doll and damn an I proud to here it." - Absolute Zero
"With In Flesh Aquarium, Unexpect have delivered the most demented and unclassifiable yet brilliantly unique and challenging album since La Masquerade Infernale" - Digital Metal

Unexpect -  In A Flesh Aquarium