amsterdam, hellsinki

CD $11.00


There was a time a few years back when if you had long hair, wailing guitar riffs, and an ass that looked like a women’s in spandex you could make a career in the glam scene. Talent didn’t have a lot to do with it so some pieces of garbage floated by and made some money. That really started to change in metal when the thrash movement started to take over and Guns & Roses showed a sleazier look with heaps of talent. Numerous “hair” bands went out of business because they couldn’t live on their image; only the talented ones survived.

So what if a band came along in this day and age that took the heavy rhythms of SLAYER, the massive riffs of METALLICA, and the glam look/dangerous attitude of MOTLEY CRUE? What would come out is the band were looking at today TORNADO.

These self-professed thrashy sleazers take a lot of pride in having the “IT” factor and bringing back the true glam metal with a SLAYER like delivery.

Tornado - Amsterdam, Hellsinki