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Experimental-terror-metal noise heroes Today Is the Day are a full-on horror show. Harder, heavier and just plain truer, TITD is the real, zero-compromise deal. Today is the Day formed in 1992 gaining recognition throughout the underground of Metal and Hardcore. The band's founder, lead guitarist/vocalist and producer, Steve Austin doesn't live on Earth. Riffs are created when atoms collide and explode in a nuclear fusion of total madness. Austin and Co. have figured out how to lull the listener into a sickening trance only to pummel them with the next dose of pure hate and chaos. The band has released seven albums (six studio and one live) and each one is more electrifyingly frightening than the last. Today Is The Day couldn't get any scarier. A Psychedelic Bloodbath Onstage, Today Is the Day is a frothing, sinewy manifestation of metal energy--a nuclear id collapsing sex, power, and religion upon themselves. A self-actualized concept of good and evil; the absence of tolerance, pity, and devotion to God; insatiable hedonism: Toss these traits in the blender, amplify with detuned, molten speed metal, add visceral sound bites from film noir, and the resulting deformity will resemble Today Is the Day.
01. Ied 02. Free At Last 03. Broken Promises And Dead Dreams 04. If You Want Peace Prepare For War 05. No Lung Baby 06. Black Steyr Aug 07. My Wish Is Your Command 08. Circus Maximus 09. Total Resistance 10. The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me 11. Axis Of Eden 12. Desolation

Today Is The Day - Axis Of Eden