the morning never came

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Swallow the Sun is a band that I have followed since stumbling upon some of their material from the early 2003 demo "Out of this Gloomy Light". Now the much anticipated debut album "The Morning Never Came" has arrived and it is even hard for me to put into words the extent that this album impressed me. The first thing that captivated me was the three dimensional atmosphere that is captured on this album. Beginning with the chilling piano intro on the first track "Through Her Silvery Body", this atmosphere is carried on throughout the release and the deep, dark feeling only intensifies as the album progresses. The vocals from lead singer Mikko Kotamaki range from guttural and almost tortured to a soft, Roger Waters-esque style. These vocals flow to the soundtrack of crunchy and melodic guitar riffing intertwined with dynamic percussion and haunting keyboards. All of these elements work in unison to achieve an overall heaviness while maintaining a slow and doom fueled tempo. Swallow the Sun has created an incredible work of art with "The Morning Never Came" and this album remains to be the most unique and diverse piece of musicianship that has entered my CD player this year. I am usually much more for words but the album brings just 2 words to mind...."Fucking" and "Incredible"... I cannot think of a musical genre that this work fits into but let this album be an example to other bands on how to make a masterpiece. Swallow the Sun has my vote for the hands down winner for album of the year.

Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came