gallow gallery (reissue w/ bonus)

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A much-improved revision of Sigh's eclectic 2005 album, Gallows Gallery is treated to a stellar remastering, adding new artwork and a variety of bonus tracks. This reissue reflects the album Sigh intended the first time around.

"For those of you who enjoy the Post-Black movement and like a bit of imagination mixed in with your Metal,
this album and this band are for you." - METAL OBSERVER

For Fans of: Cradle Of Filth, Mayhem, King Diamond, Slayer 01. Pale Monument
02. In A Drowse
03. The Enlightenment Day
04. Confession To Be Buried
05. The Tranquilizer Song
06. Midnight Sun
07. Silver Universe
08. Gavotte Grim
09. Messiahplan
10. -
11. The Tranquilizer Song (David Harrow Mix)
12. Pale Monument (Harsh Vocal Version)
13. In A Drowse (Demo 2003)
14. Messiahplan (Gunface Alt Guitar Solo Take)
15. The Tranquilizer Song (David Harrow Remix Outtake)
16. Jazzy Outtake 1
17. Jazzy Outtake 2

Sigh - Gallow Gallery (Reissue W/ Bonus)