v halmstad

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Shining's fifth recorded depression is no less than a monument of beauty in blackness and ghostly shades. The band displays a mix between sheer heaviness and sublime atmospheric moments, with a special mention to the amazing acoustic guitar work delivering eerie melodies as well as masterclass skills. Shining V is truly one of a kind.

For Fans of: Agalloch, Mayhem, Deathspell Omega, Watain, and Dissection

"The record plays like the soundtrack to a psychological disintegration. Transcending the black metal genre with complex arrangements and sample-ridden layering, Shining drive their bleakest peers into a dark corner to shiver until the record ends." - Unrestrained!

"One of the most memorably disturbing, yet mesmerizing black metal albums to be released this year..." - BW&BK

Shining - V Halmstad