exhuming the past - 14 years of nothing

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A 115 song discography CD compiling all the songs recorded and released in nearly a decade in a half: the splits w/ Gut, Exhumed, The Kill, Grindwork 4-way split w/ Nasum, Vivisection and C.S.S.O., V/A "Really Fast" vol. 9, and two first classic albums: "The Execution" and "Violence Spreads Its Drape", as well as "Boredom And Frustration/DDD" demo. "Exhuming the Past - 14 Years of Nothing" is unadulterated Swedish grindcore insanity of the highest form and the best style. Devastating, hammering, and relentless: these are proper words to describe the sound of Retaliation.

For fans of Regurgitate, Pig Destroyer, Assück, Yacopsae, Rotten Sound.

Retaliation - Exhuming The Past - 14 Years Of Nothing