dawn of the necrofecalizer

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It is with utter disdain and absolute repulsion that No Escape Records offers up the partially vaporized remains of Putrescence's second full length anguished call for total death, "Dawn of The Necrofecalizer". This gruesome follow up to 2004's "Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled" features thirteen appalling and completely blasting deathgrind selections, upping the speed and technicality and shortening the songs, this is guaranteed to turn the dance floor into a river of fecal matter, home stilled alcohol and plasma-soaked chunks of gore in record time! Devastating and nihilistic outbursts such as "Asphyxia from Involuntary Submersion in Human Waste" and "Total Liquefaction of Charred Facial Features" affirm acts of unspeakable violence and unconditional vehemence towards humanity. "Dawn of the Necrofecalizer" is the definitive soundtrack to a pneumatic drill burrowed through a decapitated head being flushed down a toilet and is a mandatory propagandist discourse to prepare you for the impending shitstorm!!!

Putrescence - Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer