dark romanticism

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A must for all Primordial fans, this is a fascinating look into the band's earliest days via their 'Dark Romanticism' demo, also adding a Bathory cover ("Total Destruction") and a 40-minute DVD of the band performing 6 songs on the 'Storm Before Calm' tour.

Disc 1 01. To Enter Pagan 02. The Darkest Flame 03. Among The Lazarae 04. To The Ends Of The Earth 05. In Graciousness (live) 06. A Blacker Art (live) 07. Total Destruction (live) 08. To Walk The Infernal Fields (live) Disc 2 DVD Fallen To Ruins Gods To The Godless Cast To The Pyre The Burning Season Sons Of The Morrigan To Enter Pagan

Primordial - Dark Romanticism