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Welcome to the ambitious art of ORPHANED LAND, a musical adventure awaits all that are brave enough to enter their world. ORPHANED LAND’s unique sound explores the various shades that metal has to offer mixed with the band’s Middle Eastern roots. All Is One takes ORPHANED LAND’s unique brand of exotic, heavy music to soaring new heights in terms of complexity and catchiness. It is exactly this duality that makes All Is One so special: you can delve into the profound arrangements or you can simply enjoy its accessible melodies and captivating riffs. Vocalist Kobi Farhi expands on the the band’s overall message of unity by adding “our achievement through song-writing is not something that can be measured via traditional political or religious means. We learned by being in ORPHANED LAND that people might have different flags, signs and symbols, but when music plays there is only one flag that captures their hearts. It is the flag of hope, courage, friendship and brotherhood; the flag of light. We are converting blood enemies to friends through the healing power of music. (2013)

Orphaned Land - All Is One (Cd/Dvd)