Season of the Mist
Digipack CD $15.00


CD in deluxe Digipak with 16-page booklet. OBSIDIOUS are leading the charge for the modern evolution of progressive and technical metal with their debut album, ‘Iconic’. Featuring Linus Klausenitzer (bass), Rafael Trujillo (guitars), Sebastian Lanser (drums), and vocalist Javi Perera (vocals), the band has distinguished and lettered origins in Obscura, Alkaloid, Eternity’s End, and Juggernaut. OBSIDIOUS, however, are a different creature entirely. ‘Iconic’ is technical but not officious, and the album breathes intensity but expands upon it with mellifluent dexterity. With OBSIDIOUS, there’s always a hook: ‘Iconic’ may build upon a prestigious foundation but its vision isn’t restricted to its tenets. For fans of OBSCURA, ALKALOID, OPHIDIAN I, PROTEST THE HERO, ORIGIN.

Obsidious - Iconic