elvenfris - reissue remaster

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Elvenefris is the legendary debut album from LYKATHEA AFLAME!!!

  Remixed by Zdenek Sikyr, Ptoe and Tom Corn in Studio Hostivar, remastered, repackaged with liner notes from the band, expanded art and photography, and two bonus tracks!!!

One of those supercool reviews that describe this masterpiece :

"Lykathea Aflame's Elvenefris is an absolutely colossal maelstrom of godly death metal, and something I've been borderline obsessed with since I first heard it. Some reviewers will cite early Cryptopsy meets Nile as a jumping-off point, which is accurate enough, but I honestly don't even want to try to describe the million little intricacies that make this such an amazing release. Just listen, and get lost in 72 minutes of some of the most intense, emotive, brutal, and beautiful death metal you've ever heard.

Bottom line is Elvenefris is one of the most unique and simply stunning extreme metal releases ever. The scary thing is the album clocks in at a whopping 72 minutes and throughout that entire span the album doesn’t get boring once. You’ll actually find yourself sitting there listening to the entire album beginning to end, and not just once, but repeatedly, it’s scary just how infectious this album truly is."

Lykathea Aflame - Elvenfris - Reissue Remaster