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Keep of Kalessin is an epic black metal band spawned back in 1994 and run by guitarist and songwriter Obsidian C. After two releases on Italian label Avantgarde Music the band recruited Frost (Satyricon) on drums and Attila (Mayhem) on vocals for the recording of a new Keep Of Kalessin EP. «Reclaim» was released in 2004 and put the band into the elite metal scene of Norway. Together with lyricwriter from the Reclaim EP, Torstein Parelius, Obsidian C. has for the past two years been working on the new album entitled «Armada», their first release on Tabu Recordings. Since then the lineup has changed with Attila and Frost returning to their main projects with the band recruiting full time mebers in Vyl (drums), Wizziac (bass) and Thebon (vocals). The album is a huge epic masterpiece with its own unique atmosphere. This is extreme!

Keep Of Kalessin - Armada