shadows in the light

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Death metal is a genre where a lot of bands sound the same and originality can be hard to find. New York veterans Immolation have never had a problem being unique, and their seventh album is no exception.

Shadows In The Light is a devastating combination of originality and brutality. While not quite as experimental as their last release, the songs on this album have complicated and unusual arrangements. The guitar interplay, dissonant riffs and clever harmonies of Robert Vigna and Bill Taylor are outstanding, and even though the music is complex, they never lose sight of the groove.

This album has punishing blast beats galore, but also an ample supply of catchy hooks. Ross Dolan's vocals are death metal growls, angry yet understandable. Immolation is one of the more underrated bands in death metal, and Shadows In The Light is a worthy addition to their impressive catalog of work.

Immolation - Shadows In The Light