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Fans of 80's thrash/speed/black/death metal will revel in the sounds the permeate through the upcoming release Subjected from Italian metal band Illogicist. Featuring plenty of intricate guitar work and dual harmonies that even might pull in the prog-metal crowd, Illogicist lay down powerful songs like "Knowledge Curse" and "Dissonant Perspective" that are chock full of heavy riffs and catchy melodies. Blazing double bass drums meet complex riff-o-rama on the angular title track, a tune that also is highlighted by Luca Minieri's screeching rasps, which may not be for every listener, but seem to fit the music here. The band even throws in a short but tricky instrumental titled "Introspection" that shows just how good these players really are.

--Sea Of Tranquility

Illogicist - Subjected