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Considered as one of the leading extreme metal acts coming from Poland, HATE started in 1990 as four-piece playing straight uncompromising death metal, which later developed into a more elaborate form containing industrial and ambient elements as well as distinct black metal influences. The first breakthrough in the band’s career came along with signing a record deal with French-based label – Listenable Records in 2002. One year later HATE released their highly acclaimed album 'Awakening of the Liar', which is considered the essence of the band’s early style. The next album 'Anaclasis – A Haunting Gospel Of Malice & Hatred' lanuched in 2005, no longer presented traditional death metal, but ingenious combination of death and black metal with distinct industrial influences. The band, then hit the road through European and russian tours, and performed on a few prestigious live events such as Party.San Open Air and Winter Assault. In 2008, the album 'Morphosis' was a logical follow-up to 'Anaclasis...', but sounded more massive, varied and again - innovative. HATE received offers to play at numerous festivals throughtout Europe, such as such as Metalcamp, Neurotic Death Fest, Brutal Assault, Screamfest, Metal Mean, Summer Breeze etc. In 2009, HATE also invaded Brazil and Mexico ! In 2010, the musicians entered Hertz Studio in Poland to start recording their next album titled 'Erebos'. This new masterpiece was completed in only five weeks’ time and promises to be the strongest HATE album thus far. Ferocious, challenging, complex, varied, innovative, and extremely well-produced 'Erebos' is HATE in full-swing! Prepare to HATE and 'Taste my Blood From a Thousand Cuts'!

Hate - Erebos