conjuring the damned

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Peppering the walls of other metal bands with an enfilade assault, Halo of Gunfire brings bloody passion to the musical art. Formed along the Central Coast of California in 2006, the ruthless cadre of 5 have been plotting some of the most bone crushing sounds the world has ever experienced. With a unique style of guitar-shredding, harnessing an inner fury onto the drums, innard-rattling basslines, mixed with unforgiving, powerful vocals... you'd be hard pressed to find a band more dedicated to absolutely decimating your face; whether it be at their live show or on their upcoming album. After releasing their highly critically acclaimed self-titled EP for High Fidelity Records the band has recently forged their first full length LP, "Conjuring The Damned". With this new album and new label they bring you the promise of more raw energy, brutal technicality, progression, and a pact of loyalty to the metal music scene. Be vigilant, and prepare yourself for the juggernaut that is Halo of Gunfire.

Halo Of Gunfire - Conjuring The Damned