horror rises from the tomb

No Escape
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This Spanish trio has been performing cannibalistic ritual sacrifices and resurrection ceremonies for the past 8 years and have mastered the ancient art of morbid and malicious old school goregrind. Their second full length invocation, ‘Horror Rises From The Tomb’ sees Gruesome Stuff Relish once again summoning unspeakable beings to terrorize, defile and consume any who’s path they shall cross, and one of those unspeakable beings is Stevo of the legendary Impetigo, lending his diseased throat to proceedings with guest vocals on the track ‘The Dead Will Walk The Earth’!
No Escape Records are thrilled to reissue this macabre masterpiece of primal gore soaked grindcore injected with a dangerously contaminated transfusion of raw and festering old school death metal, which in addition to the already cacophonous 19 tracks of catastrophically heavy grind on the album’s original release, has 2 deadly unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the same session to feed the undead legions’ ravenous appetite for carnage and bloodshed!

Gruesome Stuff Relish - Horror Rises From The Tomb