live in rotterdam

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989 - 2005
What can you say about GORGUTS that haven't already been said? This band is Kult through and through... Four albums, multiple Canadian and American tours with such giants as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide (amongst others) and one Europeean tour with Blasphemy. Catch the magic live in the raw! This is the last GORGUTS cd to be released officially… this is the last chapter in this great band's carreer.

  1. With Their Flesh He'll Create
  2. Condemened To Obscurity
  3. Orphans Of Sickness
  4. Bodily Corrupted -[mp3 sample]-
  5. The Erosion Of Sanity -[mp3 sample]-
  6. Inoculated Life
  7. Hideous Infirmity
  8. Dormant Misery

Gorguts - Live In Rotterdam