ecliptic dimensions of suffering

unique leader
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Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering is an extremely dynamic and punishing album. Each song is it?s own entity, lyrically and musically, but they also share some common ground from track to track. This album combines technicality, groove, some early Unique Leader nostalgia and much more. We will be entering Castle Ultimate Studio's mid June to record with Zack Ohren. Mastering will be handled by Stefano at 16th Cellar Studios. Featuring Cover Art and various other pieces by Jon Zig. Guest Vocals include death metal legends Luc Lemey (Gorguts/Negativa), Erik Lindmark (Deed Of Flesh), and Matti Way (Pathology, ex-Disgorge, Cinerary, Hydrocephalic, etc.)."

Flesh Consumed - Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering