shit bloody shit

crimes against humanity
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I remember first time I heard these guys' name I was thinking "Gotta be gore/grind", then I heard couple different sources tossing things around like Sabbath, sludge and crust when describing these guys' sound. So I finally decided to dig into my wallet and shell out for this baby to see what was going on, and WOW! this record kills. These guys mix hateful crust-grind in the vein of Dystopia and His Hero is Gone and serve it up with the epic moving power of Neurosis and then finish off the mix with some pounding, Cavity-esque riff driven sludge that is also rooted in Sabbath and even Skynyrd. Man, incredible stuff for sure. This album is a discography of sorts. The first tune is an 8 minute long epic, that starts with a violin backing up a Sabbathy riff and then ascends to pounding crust-grind fury with hateful vocals and an all out grinding attack. Tracks 2-9 are off of a previously released 10 inch and are more on the sludge side of things but with plenty of grinding, punked up parts to keep you off balance. These tunes have a Grief meets Cavity meets His Hero is Gone vibe and they too totally shred..dashes of crust, doom and groovy sludge. The last couple of tunes are pretty much straight up southern sludge...they come from a demo tape and have a very raw lo-fi sound. Lots of big riffs that'll keep you groovin' on these last trakcs. Well the bottom line is that if you like sludge, grind, crust, doom...man, just about anything, you'll really enjoy this disc. Its is truly epic in scope and there's something for just about everyone here. A masterpiece." (daredevil.de)

Facedowninshit - Shit Bloody Shit