exit wounds

no escape
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No Escape Records has the morally questionable, yet callously pleasurable task of sanctioning the debut full length offensive from Poland's masters of total grinding chaos and violent sonic psychosis! Exit Wounds stampede through 30 tracks of their ruthless and primal grindcore that is even heavier, faster, more intense and more deranged than their already terrifying “17 Wounds Of Exit” MCD! This barely controlled cacophony is an avalanche of barbaric chainsawing riffs crossing the sociopathic hardcore of Cripple Bastards with Warsore’s detuned regressive grind, frenzied and inelegant drumming like Yacopsae gone feral and starved of any concern for the safety of itself or others, and utterly throat shredding vocal abuse spanning strangulated howls, animalistic snarling, pestilent retching and menacing barking. This unblinking chronicle of agony and degradation includes a brutish Retaliation cover and a blurr-grind take on Haymaker’s classic ’Another Shit Movie’! Truly, truly savage!

Exit Wounds - Exit Wounds