Season Of Mist
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Here, Enslaved, more than ever before, have taken in it upon themselves to prove themselves as the true inheritors and heirs of the Viking legacy of outright exploration, no matter the cost or where that ethic may lead them. Not content to rest on their laurels and the acclaim of their past albums--now all acknowledged as classics within the post-black metal genre--the band once again launches itself into the aether, remorselessly striding and peering into realms that have been left ignored by far less adventurous bands. The 'extraneous' elements that have always been a part of their sound--the psychedelic experimentation and sonic landscape/atmospheric construction--now come to the fore as Enslaved creates a truly monumental series of songs that stand both as landmarks of their audacity and courage as musicians as well as incredible examples of song writing prowess, a power and technique that has been honed now for a decade. State-of-the-art music, and a new definition for the meeting point between prog-rock and very heavy metal.

Enslaved - Monumension