bad luck

black market activities
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It was 2005 when Ed Gein released their last album, Judas Goats and Dieseleaters. Birthed in Syracuse, NY in early 2001 and propelled into the hardcore spotlight by critical acclaim, a raucous live show and an appearance on the Hellfest 2003 DVD, the ball started rolling and the bad hit the ground running hard. From 2005-2007, the band were road warriors, terrorizing the music scene with their spazzy, metallic-grind, laced with punk sensibility and political and socially driven lyrical content. Their CD and vinyl sales were going strong. Their profile with the press was growing. The tour offers were rolling in and management/booking agents were taking note. Then everything just stopped. On the outside, everything seemed to be getting better. But behind the scenes, the band was stalked by bad luck. Their new record is appropriately titled Bad Luck as it summed up their life as a band. Robbed, beat up, lost broken down, crashed, robbed again, broken down againand againNo Ed Gein did not break up. Just took a little break.

Ed Gein - Bad Luck