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Joining their black/thrash comrades Melechesh and Aura Noir at Hellfest this year, Deströyer 666 are on the road again to promote their new cut Defiance. The epic feel of 2000’s Phoenix Rising and the urgency of the rousing 2002’s Cold Steel For an Iron Age are present but do not dominate, Defiance is a record to push on with their attack rather than reminisce about past glories.

Fantastic echoed rasp vocals fill an album that half of is in spirit much alike Summon's Fallen; a forward marching no repent or relent record. However, Defiance is not quite as unhinged as the Americans' album, the other half is more a sombre edged affair, such as the likes of “A Thousand Plagues,” which leaves the breakneck whiplash approach behind temporarily.

It’s always good fun when the thrash separates from the black and goes tearing across the plain with wailing solos and denim-clad swagger in tow (see “I Am Not Deceived”). Even slower numbers like “Blood For Blood” has hooks bigger than in the butcher's shop. It is of a similar disposition to the fists-in-the-air anthem “The Eternal Glory Of War” from Phoenix Rising, but for every old trick relied on, there is a new idea that works well on this album.

There are countless moments on Defiance that remind you why you loved Destroyer 666 in the first place. Whether it be the delectable lead lines and squealing solos, or the sudden switch to groovy moshing thrash, the Aussie hordes have triumphed again. Defiance is also a testament to the power to overcome band problems in the interim between this and the last album that led Destroyer 666 to “A Stand Defiant.”

Destroyer 666 - Defiance