the ills of modern man (deluxe edition)

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Just in time for the Summer Slaughter tour, Despised Icon come with a CD/DVD re-release of The Ills Of Modern Man. The DVD features 7 live songs, interviews, behind the scenes and more! Still heavy and still crushing. (2008) Track Listing: CD: In The Arms of Perdition/ Furtive Monologue/ Quarantine/ The Ills of Modern Man/ A Fractured Hand/ Sheltered Reminiscence/ Nameless/ Tears of the Blameless/ Oval Shaped Incisions/ Fainted Blue Ornaments // DVD: A Fractured Hand/ Bulletproof Scales/ Harvesting The Deceased/ Immaculate/ Retina/ The Sunset Will Never Charm Us/ In The Arms of Perdition

Despised Icon - The Ills Of Modern Man (Deluxe Edition)