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Deathspell Omega
1. Follow the Dark Path
2. Morbid Rituals
3. Yells From the Abyss

4. Forgotten Spells in the Forests Nocturnal
5. A Silent Dream of Impurity
6. Bells of Apocalypse
7. I Hail the Night

MOONBLOOD was formed in May of 1993 by OCCULTIIS, NECROMANIC and L.O.N.S under the name DEMONIAC. In Sept. 1990 GAAMALZAGOTH joined the horde. Their style was melodic Black metal. In January 1994 LONS & NECROMATIC were thrown out because they were fakes,according to the rest of the band and they managed to release a demo around the same time. In June of 1994 they changed the name to MOONBLOOD.

After some rehearsing, they released another demo around July 1994, it was limited to 166 and sold out quickly. In December of 1994 another demo was released, NOSFERATU on UNHOLY BAPHOMET RECORDS. In March 1995, they released GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES limited to 333 copies. The band also has a split EP with NEMA and also have plans to release an LP/MC on MAJESTIC UNION RECORDS limited only to 666 copies. Some of their influences include DARKTRONE, SACRIFICE, RAZOR, EVIL, AZHUBHAM HAANI, TUMULUS, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, and many other metal bands.

Deathspell Omega / Moonblood - Split