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Formed in 1987 the band is now known as the pioneers of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. Together with Mayhem they have influenced the whole extreme scene of the 90s. Definitely one of the few remaining acts that stayed true to their sound, Darkthrone has one of the most loyal following that anxiously anticipate their each and every new release. The respect among their peers is also tremendous as they have recorded a tribute to Darkthrone just to pay their respect on how much this band means to them.
Their new landmark 10th album album, "Hate Them" was done in the true Darkthrone way as it was recorded and mixed in 26 hours. Still uncompromising and with a hint of groovy buzzy guitars that would even make fans of those early Venom albums grin in ecstasy, "Hate Them" not only does justice but takes this legendary to the next level!
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Darkthrone - Hate Them