rise of the rotten

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Die "Rise of the Rotten" debut release on Unique Leader Records available March 16th. Punishing Death Metal at it's finest. This marks the final pages of a journey that began more than a year ago for band members Rasmus Henriksen (Panzerchrist), Jonas Møller, Søren Christensen, Tajs Kolman and Bent Bisballe Nyeng. A journey well worth it because the final out come is topnotch precision Death Metal attack with huge guitars, ripping leads, massive drums, shredding bass and up in your face vocals, everything you can ask for. The final result in the killer production is credited to Tue Madsen (Vader, Aborted, Exmortem, Gorefest, Kataklysm) at Antfarm Studios, everything is thick yet audibly clear and not over produced like many releases today. Tony Sandoval did all the art which is incredibly done in a feel witch matches the bands lyrical content perfectly. Unlike most releases there is 7 pieces of different artwork throughout the layout. All in all this is a flawless release and must buy for all Death/Extreme/Progressive Metal enthusiasts past and present.

D I E - Rise Of The Rotten