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1 new tune from Crowpath, 3 for Submerged.

Crowpath are definitely one of the best bands around at the moment. The Swedes' totally mangled tech death metal nightmares are as complex and fierce as anything you'll dare to look for, but they somehow make it listenable, tangible and song-based. "Thieves" however, foregoes speed for a slower, more evilly brooding vibe, and it's just as effective, as they proved before on "The Lycanthrope" from the "Son Of Sulphur" album. Great riffs, sturdy drums that jam the odd trick in here and there, and deathly roars. Score. High On Fire x Disclose = Submerge according to Submerge, and I can see where they're coming from. Heavy as hell, blown out distortion and manic speed equals a good time, though compared to Crowpath, they're not really doing anything to push the boundaries. Still great fun though. -- Collective

Crowpath / Submerge - Split 7"