total soul rape

Season of Mist
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Swedish black metal legends CRAFT reissue their long out of print, landmark debut album 'Total Soul Rape'. A cornerstone of the Swedish black metal scene,'Total Soul Rape' is a bold and brazen collection of 9 tracks that established CRAFT as one of the angriest and most nihilistic entities in black metal. Tracks like "Death To Planet Earth", "Ultimate Satan", and the album's ferocious title track are the blueprint for how extreme underground black metal should sound; with memorable riffs, chaotic drumming, and some of the most misanthropic vocals of all time. A wholly unrelenting black metal classic, 'Total Soul Rape' is a manifesto of absolute negativity that introduced CRAFT as unrivaled in their quest to be the most pessimistic, unforgiving, and aggressive band in metal. Death to planet Earth!

Craft  - Total Soul Rape