llenandose de gusanos

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Considered by many to be their finest moment Llenandose De Gusanos the awesome 2CD set from sludgecore legends Corrupted finally gets repressed. Disc One starts off with a remarkably restrained piano riff, later joined by eerie vocals (sung in Spanish as usual) that sound like they're sung from inside a cardboard box. The piece almost becomes pretty, before building up into a slow-moving but awesomely heavy guitar/drums dirge. Eventually the piano gracefully re-enters and the disc comes full circle. The second CD is comprised of a single hauting ambient track - a beautiful warm drone runs throughout and together with the baron cover artwork evokes a mood of post-apocolypitc desolation. The musicianship displayed on this album is superb - restraint is shown when necessary and the level of playing even suggests that some of the band may be classically trained. This is essential for fans of their recent 'Se Hace' album and anyone in touch with Earth, Sunn O))) and Boris.

Corrupted - Llenandose De Gusanos