deformed future/genetic nightmare

unique leader
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Ankara, Turkey based act Carnophage are another strong addition to the Turkish extreme metal scene alongside Cenotaph, Decimation and Heretic Soul. Debuting on California death metal specialist label Unique Leader Records with "Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare" and given their strong Suffocation, Hate Eternal influence it's hardly a surprise why they were signed in the first place. Like Decrepit Birth before them Carnophage present semi-technical death metal with lacerating riffing, evil sounding leads/solos, audible bass lines and spectacular drumming that recalls the pioneers of the genre. The riffing is reminiscent of Broken Hope, the song structures remind of label mates Beheaded while the overall presentation has a strong vibe of Suffocation's significant debut "Effigy Of the Forgotten". The production is clear and brick heavy. The guitar tone is thick, meaty but retains enough clarity, the bass lines are audible and rumble strongly in the back whereas the the various sections of the drum kit sound easily identifiable. Coming with stunning artwork by the much in demand Par Olofsson (Banishment, Hour Of Penance, Spawn Of Possession) "Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare" is probably the most accomplished sounding album the Turkish scene has to offer at this point and it might very well become the benchmark to which all other bands will be measured in a few short years.

Carnophage - Deformed Future/Genetic Nightmare