butchered at birth day

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BUTCHER ABC is a sick and demented band from Japan featuring ex-members of CSSO and MAGGOTY CORPSE. Just one look at the cover artwork on this mini CD and also the knowledge of what bands the guys were involved in previously will give you a fine indication of the gore encrusted mess you´re going to get yourself into here. Grinding, raw and chunky guitars slice and dice while gutteral vocals vomit forth some rather amusingly silly lyrics, just look at these: 'lucifer, my master takes a shit in hell' and 'bullet of fart is embedded' for some examples. Submerge yourself in this mid to fast paced crushing gore feast by picking up 'Butchered At Birth Day' because you won´t regret it. Interestingly enough I was thinking this band would fit very well with the Razorback Records roster and sure enough that great label is working with Obliteration Records and will release BUTCHER ABC´s full length album in North America in 2005. I´m very impressed with the sound of this Cd too because it´s really full and in your face but plenty dirty and gritty at the same time. A must for all Grind and gorey Death Metal fanatics !
-Cheryl / Metal Gospel

Butcher Abc - Butchered At Birth Day