debemur morti

Debemur Morti
Digipack CD $11.00


Join us for a special double celebration to mark the 100th release and ten-year anniversary of Debemur Morti Productions. The past decade has been an enlightening journey and, on this special commemoration, we offer three exclusive tracks from ground-breaking, trend-defying, awe-inspiring Black Metal pioneers BLUT AUS NORD. Presented in 2x7? and MCD formats, this landmark memorial captures the band at its vintage best, emitting their inimitable strain of swirling, cascading, spectral sonic (dis)harmony. Representing a hearty display of gratitude to those who have supported us down through the years, DMP0100 (which features music specifically written and recorded by BLUT AUS NORD - and is therefore not an actual release of the band) is both a celebration of the past and a glimpse of the future. This one is for you. Enjoy.

Blut Aus Nord - Debemur Morti