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ANSUR's debut album, "Axiom", was recorded in their own studio from July to December 2005. The material on "Axiom" varies from brutal tracks like "Earth Erasure" to more progressive ones like "The Axiom Depicted" and "Desert Messiah". The conceptual lyrics are based on a chronological story and flow very well within the epic and grand darkness of the album. The underground press has already had a taste of what’s to come. Norwegian online magazine Enslaved by Metal, quoted the Axiom as “…too impressive to avoid”, while Maelstrom Magazine said: "Axiom is an addictive mixture of mathematical patterns with the brilliantly subtle implementation of acoustic guitars that strongly add to clarity in sound and the sense of threat and disaster.” concluded with Axiom being “…a perfect mix of brains and artistic enjoyment.”

Ansur - Axiom