numen digibook

Season of the Mist
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2 CDS in deluxe rigid Digibook (19x19cm) with 36-page booklet. Limited to the first pressing only ! Numen is ALKALOID’s third album and it’s got some of the band’s most intricate, thought-provoking and batshit insane ideas yet. The album is narrated from the god-like perspective of an ancient alien, who can reshape the entire galaxy with its demonic grunts. ALKALOID are still bonded together by their love of death metal. After all, this is a supergroup assembled by founding members of OBSCURA, DARK FORTRESS and SPAWN OF POSESSION, but ‘Numen’ finds the Bavarian band playing around with all kinds of genre experiments with, for example, “The Cambrian Explosion” flips tech-death on its horned head with seductive flurries of jazz and flamenco. ALKALOID are metal’s mad scientists. With ‘Numen’, they’ve concocted another wildly explosive batch of progressive death metal. For fans of BEYOND CREATION, OBSCURA, NECROPHAGIST, CYNIC.

Alkaloid - Numen Digibook