the final conflict - last days of god

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What we have here is - in my humble opinion - one of the most underrated Death Metal bands ever. The legion known by the name ACHERON celebrates its 20th anniversary with a brand new album and I am damn sure that it will be a brutal as fuck release! If you already know this abomination, you surely know what to expect. If you hear the name ACHERON for the first time let me guide you through this blasphemous act.

The US Death Metal band has been at war against Christianity for 20 whole years. Despite the fact that they never got the credit they deserve, they have been kicking ass without getting tired at all. Vincent Crowley (ex reverend of the church of Satan) has broken up the group several times, but only to come back stronger each time. This time, the band has signed a brand new contract with the Dutch Displeased Records and unleashed its seventh full-length assault.

Musically almost nothing has changed, since ACHERON is the brutal fuck you all remember: sick Death Metal with furious blasts, shredding guitars and a bestial Crowley that makes the microphone bleed. With a pretty good production (the CD was recorded at Mars Recording Compound with Bill Korecky and was mastered at West West Side Music in New Windsor, New York), the US legion sounds like a tank ready to tear you into little pieces. Their ANGEL CORPSE meets INCANTATION blackened Death Metal is brilliantly put into this album, with solid song structures and a classic ACHERON satanic atmosphere floating around every single note. The tempo varies from rabid cannibalism to mid tempo headbanging moments (although these guys show a slight preference towards the fast side).

All in all, ACHERON’s new album is a release that won’t disappoint Death Metal maniacs out there. A fine piece of brutality for every collection. I guess that this is one of the steadiest Death Metal bands out there. You always know what to expect.

Acheron - The Final Conflict - Last Days Of God