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Baring Teeth - Atrophy Lp

Vinyl version of Baring Teeth's 2011 debut, "Atrophy", originally released on Willowtip Records and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston. Limited to 500 copies The record is housed within a gatefold jacket, which features an expanded layout by the original artist, Calvin Sprague, along with...

12" $16.00
Blood Freak - Mindscraper Ltd Edition Lp

this is the limited edition vinyl version of mindscraper.  only 300 copies!

Vinyl $10.00
Circle Of Dead Children - Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer 12" Gatefold Lp

180 gram, gatefold vinyl, limited to 500 copies. After a five year absence the mighty and legendary Circle has reemerged from the sewers of Pittsburgh. They bring with them a more focused and refined approach on their signature grindcore sound while still keeping the brutality and violence at...

12" $15.00 $8.00
Crowpath - Red On Chrome Lp - Ltd Edition Vinyl

The vinyl version of Red on Chrome. 200 gram gatefold black vinyl only 300 copies pressed.

12" $15.00 $7.00
Electro Quarterstaff - Gretzky 12" Double Lp

Self-proclaimed titans of progressive instrumental thrash metal – Gretzky strives to marry the insectoid riffing of modern technical death metal with mutant starfish rhythms that swell and contract like reptilian break-dancing on a pirate cruise ship. Debut full length finally comes to wax....

2xLP $22.00
Electro Quarterstaff - Aykroyd 12" Lp

Snake charming instrumental tech wizards brazenly defy the boundaries of metal. Pass through a dimensional portal to a uncharted multi-verse of string manipulation

12" $15.00
Fallujah - Nomadic

10" LP featuring 3 classic tracks from the bay area extreme metal act.

10" $15.00
Fetus Eaters - Manticore

Obscure bizarro grind core outfit from California featuring members of Lack Of Interest! FFO: Benumb / Agents Of Satan / Enemy Soil

12" $12.00
Gigan - Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes

The brainchild of left handed lead guitarist and founding member Eric Hersemann, GIGAN has been challenging the mortal laws of extreme music and creativity since early 2006. Forged around the simple notion that the imagination should be art's only limit, GIGAN's style of creative delivery has...

Immolation - Kingdom Of Conspiracy Lp

Now a name long synonymous with the extreme music scene, IMMOLATION has been delivering some of the most unique, and creatively dark, death metal the underground has witnessed over the past 25 years. “Kingdom of Conspiracy” goes beyond all expectations and will leave its listeners...

12" $16.00
Impaled - The Last Gasp (Vinyl)

The vinyl version of Impaled's latest!  Internationally infamous and a name in the metal underground for over 10 years, Impaled returns with their fourth full-length recording. Bound to please their loyal following and completely disgust the unwary, "The Last Gasp" is an album wrapped...

12" $10.00
Martyr - Hopeless Hopes (Lp)

the debut full length which sounds very much late latter day death. one of the best technical/progressive death metal bands in the world, this debut is essential.

Vinyl $20.00
Martyr - Warp Zone (Lp)

Mixing all the best elements of Death, Meshuggah and Pestilence, Martyr is serious business. Twisted guitar licks, drum tornados, shouting vocals and eerie intros.

12" $20.00
Martyr - Feeding The Abscess (Lp)

Canada's pillars of progressive death metal are back with their third album. Feeding the Abscess contains thirteen enthralling songs full of technicality, intricacy and sheer aggressiveness built on complex structures. Recorded and mixed by Pierre Remillard, mastered by Alan Douches.

12" $20.00
Ulcerate - The Destroyers Of All 180G Double Gatefold Lp

Vinyl version of Ulcerate's critically acclaimed album The Destroyers Of All.  Double gatefold 180 gram vinyl.  Limited to 500 copies.  Colors: Dark Red limited to 120 Clear limited to 170 Black limited to 210

- Clear $27.00
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