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Baring Teeth - Atrophy Lp

Vinyl version of Baring Teeth's 2011 debut, "Atrophy", originally released on Willowtip Records and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston. Limited to 500 copies The record is housed within a gatefold jacket, which features an expanded layout by the original artist, Calvin Sprague, along with...

12" $16.00
Cianide - Death, Doom, And Destruction

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to unleash a special reissue edition of CIANIDE's classic Death, Doom and Destruction, set to be released on CD and a double-LP vinyl edition in slipcase! One of the cultest names in American death metal, CIANIDE have stuck to their guns for over 25 years now, patiently...

2xLP $19.00
Circle Of Dead Children - Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer 12" Gatefold Lp

180 gram, gatefold vinyl, limited to 500 copies. After a five year absence the mighty and legendary Circle has reemerged from the sewers of Pittsburgh. They bring with them a more focused and refined approach on their signature grindcore sound while still keeping the brutality and violence at...

12" $15.00 $13.00
Creation Is Crucifixion - Antenna Builder + Rerecorded Splits / Live In Geneva

Pittsburgh tech-metal hactivists Creation is Crucifixion emulate Lazarus with a double-LP collecting their last recordings along with an impressive live set. The long-rumored Antenna Builder track, the 'final' recording by Creation is Crucifixion's last active lineup is a 9-minute opus that...

2xLP $22.00
Crowpath - Red On Chrome Lp - Ltd Edition Vinyl

The vinyl version of Red on Chrome. 200 gram gatefold black vinyl only 300 copies pressed.

12" $15.00 $7.00
Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity Lp

150 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Limited to 500 copies. 200 green colored and 300 mixed - these are random colors mixed together. With Passages Into Deformity, fans can expect another quality release from DEFEATED SANITY. Without compromising the brutality of their sound, the band has...

Defeated Sanity - Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata (2Xlp)

2xLP gatefold vinyl. 100 copies on White/Blue Splatter - the site tracks inventory and inventory is allocated between this site/bandcamp/and the slipmat combos when a color sells out it will be listed as such automatically. 150 copies on White 250 copies on Black A limited slipmat is also...

Destroyer 666 - Unchain The Wolves

DESTROYER666 should need no introduction. But back in 1997, the Australians were a relatively new entity, forming from the ashes of Bestial Warlust and introducing themselves to the metal underground with the Violence is the Prince of This World EP in '95. Two years later, DESTROYER666 would throw...

12" - Gatefold Blue Vinyl $17.00
Electro Quarterstaff - Aykroyd 12" Lp

Snake charming instrumental tech wizards brazenly defy the boundaries of metal. Pass through a dimensional portal to a uncharted multi-verse of string manipulation

12" $15.00
Electro Quarterstaff - Gretzky 12" Double Lp

Self-proclaimed titans of progressive instrumental thrash metal – Gretzky strives to marry the insectoid riffing of modern technical death metal with mutant starfish rhythms that swell and contract like reptilian break-dancing on a pirate cruise ship. Debut full length finally comes to wax....

2xLP $22.00
Execration - Morbid Dimensions

One of death metal's best-kept secrets, Norway's EXECRATION strike with their deadliest and most daring album yet, Morbid Dimensions. Ever aptly titled, Morbid Dimensions is a twisting and twisted slab of miasmic, morbid Metal of Death. The listener is kept on edge the entire time, in a state of...

2xLP - Gatefold Purple LP $19.00
Fetus Eaters - Manticore

Obscure bizarro grind core outfit from California featuring members of Lack Of Interest! FFO: Benumb / Agents Of Satan / Enemy Soil

12" $12.00
Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity - Demo Anthology Vol 1: 1990

Volume 1 in the series of the Gorguts demo anthology series on War On Music.

12" $14.00
Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity - Demo Anthology Vol 2: 1991-1992

Volume 2 in the series of the Gorguts demo anthology series on War On Music.

12" $14.00
Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust

The critically-acclaimed GORGUTS has a bold legacy of progression that permeates their 25 year existence. Each album is distinctly different from, but builds upon, the ones that came before it, steadily expanding and strengthening their vision and musical vocabulary. The new EP 'Pleiades' Dust' is...

Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity - Demo Anthology Vol 3: 1993-1995

Volume 3 in the series of the Gorguts demo anthology series on War On Music.

12" $14.00
Impaled - The Dead Still Dead Remain Gatefold Lp

12-inch gatefold, green colored LP! Limited to 500 copies: 200 green, 300 mixed. ships in late June/early July BANNED IN 672 COUNTRIES!!! Relive their first magnum o-pus... An all new wreckording of the class-sick first album by IMPALED, along with original dis-member Leon Del Muerte on...

Impaled - The Last Gasp (Vinyl)

The vinyl version of Impaled's latest!  Internationally infamous and a name in the metal underground for over 10 years, Impaled returns with their fourth full-length recording. Bound to please their loyal following and completely disgust the unwary, "The Last Gasp" is an album wrapped...

12" $10.00
Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm Lp

double LP in deluxe custom diecut trifold packaging ('tome') with blue foil and parchment pages. Come with a large 18" x 24" poster of the cover artwork and a laser etched Luciferian Baphomet on side 4. Audio is mastered at 45 RPM for the best fidelity and maximum volume possible. INQUISITION,...

2xLP - deluxe custom diecut trifold packaging $30.00
Marduk - Nightwing Lp

5th studio album by the almighty MARDUK! A pure black metal assault that you must own!

Vinyl $24.00
Marduk - Heaven Shall Burn Where We Are Gathered

Fourth studio album by the almighty MARDUK on vinyl.

Vinyl $22.00
Maruta - In Narcosis Lp

Finally available on vinyl is the 2008 debut full-length from Relapse Records' Maruta. Sick-ass deathgrind from Miami!

12" $13.00
Nunslaughter - The Devils Congeries Volume 1

At long last, HELLS HEADBANGERS opens the vaults and collects a whopping eight NUNSLAUGHTER 7" EPs to answer the black prayers of the band's rabid, diehard fanbase! Entitled The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1, this 2-LP set is the first of many exhaustive collections that will compile every single...

2xLP - Gatefold $22.00
Revenge - Scum. Collapse. Eradication

SCUM. COLLAPSE. ERADICATION brings you Revenge's trademark sound. Relentless walls of black noise, speed, and chaos. This is essential for all fans of truly extreme metal.

Vinyl $22.00
Rotten Sound - Abuse To  Suffer Lp

ROTTEN SOUND are back and angrier than ever. Grindcore is not for the faint of heart and these Finns do not subscribe to the idea of compromise. 'Abuse to Suffer' remains true to the band's resilient roots, while not falling into the traps of chewing endlessly on an old formula gone stale or not...

Vinyl $20.00
Ulcerate - Everything Is Fire Limited Edition Gatefold 2Xlp

Limited edition 12-inch gatefold double LP. Artwork/lyrics printed on both LP jackets. Limited to 500 copies: 200 Orange, 300 Black.

Wormed - Krigshu Lp

Space – the final frontier. Yet, when WORMED reach out into the void, the results sounds far more like a dark space opera inhabited by bizarre aliens, genetically and technically evolved meta-humans struggling for power and survival in galactic empires. On their third full-length 'Krighsu' the fast...

12" $20.00
Wormed - Exodromos Gatefold Lp

Exodromos, Wormed's amazing second full-length release, finally available on wax! 12-inch gatefold LP on 2 different colors. Limited pressing of 500 copies: 200 blue, 300 mixed. ships in late June/early July Sophisticated, sharp and meticulously calculated, with Exodromos WORMED...

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