the dead still dead remain

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Relive their first magnum o-pus...

An all new wreckording of the class-sick first album by IMPALED, along with original dis-member Leon Del Muerte on vokills. Every note, every belch, redone in Ear-Bleed-O-Rama sound!!

IMPALED cannot die, not when The Dead Still Dead Remain!

On the 13 year anniversary of Impaled's first album, “The Dead Shall Dead Remain,” the group will be releasing a re-recording entitled “The Dead Still Dead Remain.” Long mired in a legal limbo between Impaled and a record label, the music from “The Dead Shall Dead Remain” has been unavailable on CD for over a decade. The re-recording dodges those legal hurdles and puts the music back in print.

The stakes were raised as Impaled sought to best the production of the original. “The Dead Still Dead Remain” features recording and mixing by Vinnie Wojno, famous for his work with Testament. Impaled and Vinnie worked for three years to get the recording they wanted. “It simply sounds better, no matter how you slice it. And we surely do slice it!” says guitarist Jason Kocol.

Impaled assures fans that the music on “The Dead Still Dead Remain” is faithful to the original. It features the return of vocalist Leon del Muerte, who says, “It was like the last 13 years of backstabbing and spitefulness never happened!” Even the artwork harkens back to their first release. The cover is the same mess that hasn't been cleaned up in 13 years and is, arguably, even more disgusting. The band insist it has already been banned in 672 countries.

The shit will hit the fans when Willowtip Records releases “The Dead Still Dead Remain” on October 29.

Impaled - The Dead Still Dead Remain
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Track List

1. Introduction
2. FÆces Of Death
3. Flesh & Blood
4. Trocar
5. Spirits Of The Dead
6. Immaculate Defecation
7. FÆcal Rites
8. Back To The Grave
9. All That Rots
10. Gorenography
11. Blood Bath