Returning yet again..... The disgusting monster that won't stay dead... BLOOD FREAK! Hear sounds that even Lucifer himself would not subject himself to. An album so nefarious and diabolical it could onset the destruction of mankind. You have been warned. BLOOD FREAK! "Squalor"'s coming for you!!! ******As a special pre-order bonus you can get a copy of BLOOD FREAK's previous release "Mindscraper" for 4 bucks! Just click on the drop-down menu and select 2 CD Combo***** IN STORES OCT 28TH

Blood Freak - Squalor
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Track List

1. Bowing To The Altar Of Smut
2. Anxiety Overlord
3. Flesh Hogs
4. Tentacles From The Void
5. Discodeathbox
6. Squalor
7. Intestinator
8. The Urge To Regurge
9. Sothoth's Sabaoth
10. Domestic Mutations
11. God Is A Lawnmower
12. Hell Of The Upside Down Sinners