[Tuesday, May 24, 2005]

06/01/2005 Hamilton, ON w/ Descend Into Nothingness + guests

06/02/2005 Toronto, ON w/Descend Into Nothingness + guests
Kathedral (651 Keen E @ Bathurst)
8h, tickets at door

06/03/2005 Guelph, ON w/ Descend Into Nothingness + guests

06/04/2005 Montreal, QC w/ Ghoulunatics, Unexpect, Blinded By Faith, Descend Into Nothingness, Obscurcis Romancia
Club Soda (1225 St-Laurent)
Galy Compilation 2005 launch
15$ (show + CD)
All ages

07/23/2005 Laval, QC w/Anonymus, Martyr, + guests
Xtreme Distortion Festival

I've been told by Rob from Neuraxis that they are almost finished recording the new album. It will then be mixed by Jason Suceof (Capharnaum, Trivium, God Forbid) and then mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Nile, Crowpath). There is no doubt in my mind that this album will be freaking awesome when its finished.