[Tuesday, May 09, 2006]

Instrumental triple-axe shred team ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF have entered Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg to record their debut full-length album for Willowtip , tentatively titled Gretzky .

Guitarist Drew Johnston had this to say about the new album:

Gretzky strives to marry the insectoid riffing of modern technical death metal with mutant starfish rhythms that swell and contract like reptilian break-dancing on a pirate cruise ship. ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF are self-proclaimed titans of progressive instrumental thrash metal --- we are cosmic messengers of snake-charming harmony dedicated to the exploration and deconstruction of romantic melody and swashbuckling groove. Gretzky is the sound of three riff assassins embarking on an intergalactic adventure showered with bacon sizzling blastbeats and a seemingly never-ending supply of supersonic titanium chestnut rhythms. Join us on the Mountains of Riffs Spring Tour 2006!

In addition to recording their new CD, ELECTRO QUATERSTAFF will be appearing at the 2006 Maryland Deathfest. The band has booked a 3-week tour around their MDF appearance, so be sure to catch them at a city near you.