[Thursday, October 19, 2006]

Arsis cd's are arriving here on Monday via UPS. We have a TON of preorders so in order to attempt to get them all out the day they arrive we began printing out all the shipping labels yesterday October 19th. When we print out the shipping labels it tells customers their order has shipped, however the cd will not ship till Monday October 23rd. The reason we are doing it like this is so we can have all the labels printed out and stuck on their bubble envelopes so we just have to drop the cd in to get them out fast. We don't even have the cd's from the plant here yet and as mentioned above they arrive Monday, so we are printing out labels early to try to get all the discs out as soon as possible to everyone, the day the cd's arrive.

Tshirts arrive Friday, Hoodies arrive Monday. We are trying to get this stuff out as soon as possible and everything should be out next week for certain.

Please note - if you preordered any Arsis material with other items the website will not notify you again that your order has shipped. We will post on the website when all orders have shipped and keep track of all the orders that ship.

Arsis cd's are in stores Nov 7th, we are shipping them out literally the day we get them to try to get them to fans ASAP. Fans that preorder will get the cd before anyone even reviewers, magazines, and websites.