DAEMUSINEM was born in 1999 from Patrick Zavanese. The idea was a Death Black metal band with many obscure influences. In 2001 their first album "Daemusinem Domine Empire" was released by Cold Blood Industries. In 2005 the line-up changed, Ettore "DOC" Iacomuzio on vox, Alessandro Melle (Adeversam) on drums, Diego Brossa on bass and Franco Carella on second guitar joined the band. Sound changed, loosing Black metal influence. The band started live activity and their second album "Diacolical Carnage" was released in 2008 by Vrykoblast Productions and Dead Sun Records. in the years that followed many problems stopped the band activity. In 2010 Paolo "Panino" Sabbia (Adversam) on second guitar, Luca Pasquini on drums and Roberto "Rob-s" Siggia (Tipheret, Mindsnare) on bass joined the band. Finally they came back to work. In 2012 the EP "Crossecution" was recorded but not released. In 2013 the founder guitarrist Patrick Zavanese left the band because of personal problems and was replaced by Andrea "Ciccio" Aimone (Putridity). 2017 marked a new milestone for the band, as they have signed a deal with Willowtip for their latest release "Thy Ungodly Defiance" Line-up: Ettore "DOC" Iacomuzio: vocals Paolo "Panino" Sabbia: guitars Andrea "Ciccio" Aimone: guitars Luca Pasquini: drums Roberto "Rob-s" Siggia: bass mail: